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Felted yarns, the name of my website, comes from my wish to tell stories through my pictures. 

Felted YarnsThe dictionary definition for the word ‘yarn’ - thick thread made of cotton or wool, which is used to knit things or a story of adventures, travels etc, usually made more exciting and interesting by adding things that never really happened. I loved the idea that I could combine both meanings into my work.

Felting is the process of making a fabric from fibres. I hope I have combined two of my loves into one place – fibres and stories in all their glorious forms.

I am lucky enough to be part of the ‘Artists Around Wetherby’ on their 2020 studio tour. Please see their website here for more details. A brochure and map will be available in the surrounding villages. More information on the artists and the studio map will also be available at the Wetherby Town Hall exhibition on 8th August (TBC). You can download the brochure here.

Artists around Wetherby Studio Tour 2020

I am also a new member of Walton Art Group. This is another new venture, where I hope to develop my painting skills and experiment even further with mixed media.

Katy in Shed

I work in my lovely ‘seaside blue’ potting shed. I use Merino wool tops to blend gorgeous colours of fibres together to create a landscape or background. Then I come into the warmth of the house to machine embroider or hand embroider the details on the pictures.

Colour and texture are integral. The colours in our landscapes are ever changing and beautiful at any time of the year. The textures of fibres, yarns and other textile materials are incorporated. Each piece is experimental.

You can discover my original felted paintings here, a range of cards and prints here, and enjoy a virtual tour of my studio here.


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